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Flexeserve: technology for a true hot holding.

At NS InterMarket we are excited to connect the Latin American market with high-quality manufacturers that revolutionize foodservice concepts thanks to the innovation of their products and quality of service.

On this occasion we will talk about Flexeserve and their unique technology for true long-lasting hot holding that ensure the quality of the products.

Who Is Flexeserve?

Flexeserve is a British manufacturer that has a 25-year history of perfecting hot maintenance technologies. This is a highly specialized manufacturer that has truly mastered innovation through research + development.

Flexeserve en latinoamérica

They began their journey in Hinckley, United Kingdom, and have extended their influence to Southlake, Texas, allowing them to introduce their advanced technology in the American territory and get closer to the Latin American community.

Flexeserve’s management is under the expert leadership of Jamie Joyce, Global CEO, and Dave Hinton, CFSP, President of Flexeserve Inc. in the United States

Flexeserve ventajas del centro de apoyo culinario


As previously noted, the distinctive feature of Flexeserve is its exclusive patented technology that provides genuine hot holding, that is, holding through hot air recirculation.

Tecnología de flexeserve

The shelf or compartment is insulated and, thanks to convection technology, hot air is circulated, resulting in the generation of an ideal microclimate inside the packaging.

It is essential to highlight the expertise that Flexeserve has on the ideal packaging for the correct creation of microclimates. This knowledge is crucial to optimize this novel technology.

Technology advantages

  • Reduces electrical consumption by not using resistors.
  • Keeps products juicier and hotter for a longer time.
  • Reduces waste by maximizing the life of products.
  • Flexeserve’s unique and patented technology is more efficient and effective than other methods.
  • Despite using a convection method to maintain heat, when approaching the unit consumers will not be affected by the heat, it is practically imperceptible.


Flexeserve Zone y Flexeserve Hub productos

flexeserve zone

Flexeserve Zone consists of a holding equipment with different levels (they come in a variety of designs) with the ability to maintain the temperature of each shelf as desired and independent of the rest of the shelves.

Flexeserve zone latinoamérica

Zone technology creates an air curtain at each individual level of the shelf which prevents odors from being perceived. Likewise, there is no heat transfer from one level to another.

Flexeserve Zone is highly recommended for front-of-the-house operations, because it stores a variety of products, extending their lifespan.

flexeserve hub

On the other hand, Flexeserve Hub consists of a holding equipment that maintains a single constant air flow through all equipment ensuring the best consistency for the greatest amount of product possible.

The Hub unit is designed to be useful for both front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house operations.

Modos de uso de flexeserve hub

In conclusion, Flexeserve does an excellent job of mixing different factors together with its unique technology on the market to achieve the best possible hot maintenance with the best results. What they call a holistic approach.

Grab & go, pick-up, convenience stores and other similar concepts will be very well supported by Flexeserve technology.

Every day the Latin American and Caribbean market advances with increasing speed, developing according to the idiosyncrasy of the region. Even grab & go concepts are influenced by local gastronomy and in turn it would be interesting to see some foods with this concept: the Argentine empanada, the Salvadoran pastelito, the Mexican tamales, etc.

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