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Manufacturer of sneeze guards including fixed and adjustable options, which are used in self-service and counter lines. Examples of highly recognized innovative designs can be found in their X-guard and Z-guard product families.

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A leading manufacturer of dishwashers, whose offering includes Undercounter, Hood, Conveyor, and Flight Type models. Its product lineup is complemented with Sinks, Pulpers and Bi Line conveyor systems.

Renowned for custom dispensing systems for beer, tequila, vodka, wine, coffee, and cocktails at varying temperatures from remote locations to point of sale.

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Leading manufacturer of specialized components for the HORECA industry, whose advantages include a diverse offer of certified and industry-approved products. Its product range serves fabricators and equipment manufacturers.

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Leading manufacturer that invented blenders and immersion mixers for professional kitchen applications. Its offering is complemented by countertop blenders, food processors and slicers, vegetable dryers, and slicers.

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Flexeserve is the world’s leading hot-holding and hot food-to-go manufacturer whose award-winning technology recirculates hot air to maintain food at optimum quality and temperature to reduce food waste

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A one-stop shop that becomes the most trusted source of spare parts, original and generic, accessories, components and consumables.

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The most important manufacturer of ice machines in Latin America. Its offer ranges from ice machines that produce cube ice, flake ice, pearl ice and is complemented by ice storage and transportation systems together with water filtration systems.

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A leading manufacturer of foodservice and janitorial products, whose offering includes ware handling and storage products, such as food containers, dishracks, and ingredient bins. Its vast portfolio of products also includes tableware and barware, and cleaning and housekeeping solutions.

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A technological leader whose FAST brand name has been recognized worldwide through its 50-year history. Its product offering includes sensors and controllers for fryers, ovens, refrigerators, display cases and walk-on coolers that are a vital part of a digital transformation in professional kitchens looking for energy and operation efficiencies with options of cloud communication.

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The undisputed leader in the field of high-end manual kitchen equipment that include their world-renowned stainless steel and tin-plated food mills, the famous Bron Coucke mandoline to the Gobel copper and tin-plated pastry molds, Louis Tellier combines traditional know-how to passion for innovation in its products.

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The world’s largest manufacturer of commercial microwave ovens and accelerated cooking ovens. Its emphasis on quality and the variety of options are its unique advantages that are reflected in a variety of power options, type of controls, and cooking capacity.

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Founded in 1963, Castel MAC offers a range of blast chillers, retarders, and refrigerated cabinets for the bakery, HORECA, pastry and ice cream segments. Its TECNOMAC brand is also known among industrial applications for processing plants.

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