NS Intermarket is a leading representative agency for commercial kitchen equipment and supplies manufacturers in the Latin American and Caribbean region, whose main objective is to develop
distribution channels in favor of the partners it represents.

NS Intermarket derives its name from two sources. “NS” comes from the last names of the company founder, Nicho Suárez. “Intermarket” refers to the fact that not all customers are the same, despite being in the same region.

NS Intermarket bases its success on a specialized approach for each market that is translated into
individualized business plans. This approach
emphasizes innovation in products and business models, and the experience of its management team that has built strong relationships over many years.



NS InterMarket works with regional managers whose operational bases are strategically located in the main cities of Latin America. Each manager provides the best possible sales and marketing support to a network of distributor partners in their assigned territories.

The same sales force schedules frequent visits to distributors located in the 46 countries that make up Latin America and the Caribbean.

NS InterMarket’s coverage area includes Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and the South Florida export community.

Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, and founded in 2017, NS InterMarket brings together a team of professionals with an average of 25 years of experience working in the foodservice sector in Latin America and the Caribbean.

NS InterMarket specializes in customized sales and marketing solutions that seek a point of convergence between the maximum profitability of suppliers, the needs of their customers and market demand.

NS InterMarket recognizes the value of building
relationships and focuses on maintaining them for
several years.