ABOUT US – Who is NS InterMarket?

As an independent Manufacturer Representation Agency, Nicho Suarez InterMarket was created to serve as the link between leading Foodservice Equipment Manufacturers and customers in the Latin American and the Caribbean regions.

About InterMarket

NS InterMarket derives its name from the concept “Intermarket segmentation”, which refers to forming segments of customers who have similar needs and buying behaviors, although they are in different countries.

At NS InterMarket creative sales and marketing plans are formulated and executed in favor of a customer base that recognizes the value of the firm’s several years of customer relationships through many geographical areas and market segments.

NS InterMarket unique approach relies on its solid understanding of market and product opportunities which could only exist because of customer interactions and countless years of field experience. 

InterMarket works with best in class equipment manufacturers to offer the strongest portfolio of products that deliver innovation and efficiencies across all sectors of the foodservice industry.

Our Approach

NS InterMarket strives to bring the supplier and customer experience back into the heart of sales and marketing.

NS InterMarket specializes in personalized marketing and sales solutions that seek a converging point between supplier’s top revenues, customer needs and market demands. 

A personalized approach further provides customers with the opportunity to ask questions to become immersed in a brand, which encourages customers to identify how a product or service will meet their needs.

InterMarket strongly believes that the only way to deliver exceptional service is to interact with customers in person.

NS InterMarket, consequently, can offer a memorable brand experience, which leaves customers feeling confident enough to make a final purchase decision and drive customer loyalty to increase market share.

Our Story


After thirty years of  executive experience at leading manufacturing companies, Jose Nicho founded NS InterMarket as a top foodservice representative agency serving Mexico, Central, South America and the Caribbean region.

Nicho Suarez InterMarket, headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida in the USA, understood from its beginning the need to serve the Latin American market.

NS InterMarket delivers an unmatched level of service by having a comprehensive understanding of product applications and demands.
As Mr. Nicho explained, “no market in Latin America is equal and as such, market development success requires a personalized approach.” 
The understanding of this fundamental principle has led NS InterMarket to develop extensive distribution channel partners and after sale support networks.
InterMarket´s product and market experience throughout the years have guided its management team to acquire a robust portfolio of brands based on “Best-in-Class” categories, many of them recognized by Kitchen Innovation Awards.
NS InterMarket represents only the top brands with proven years of reputable success. NS InterMarket stands behind the product it represents, and the business plans it executes to promote them in the marketplace..

Member - Locations

Ing. Jose Luis Nicho, CFSP
Mexico – Brazil
Jorge Paz
Central America
Ing. Luis Eduardo Nuñez
Armando Pérez Gorra
Jose Quintana
South America
Maria Jose Salgado
Office Management – Marketing