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Always known for the production of retardant protection cells, over the years it has supported the design, development and production of storage cabinets and blast chillers.

Attentive to technological innovation and the adoption of the most innovative technical solutions, it is one of the main global players in the sector

In an increasingly competitive and dynamic market, one of Castel MAC’s main objectives is to be at the forefront of product innovation, attentive to anticipating and satisfying the most sophisticated needs of its customers.

Tecnomac, a division of CastelMAC Spa, has been designing, manufacturing and marketing equipment for public catering, bakery, pastry and ice cream parlors all over the world for forty years.

Tecnomac has a deep knowledge of refrigeration techniques, which along with its devotion to quality, allows to obtain a perfect production process. The products, result of thorough research and accurate design, undergo frequent lab tests and are carefully installed, because our goal is to prevent defects, aware as we are that customers want reliable, user-friendly machines. Products are checked and tested under particularly demanding conditions, in order to ensure the respect of Total Quality standards.

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