Chill Rite 32 Latinoamerica

Chill-Rite embodies the dream of providing the best quality and presentation in a pint glass. A family business that began in 1968 as a refrigeration service company has grown to be the leading manufacturer of beer and beverage dispensing equipment. Chill-Rite is a small company that still believes in customer service that includes experts who can articulate and advise any customer on the best products for their application. That level of customer service coupled with superior technology leads to extreme customer satisfaction.

With a single system, you can pour any beer, stout, wine, cocktail, water or coffee at different temperatures and/or pressures.

Chill-Rite’s exclusive remote beverage systems can expand your beverage service or solve existing problems with convenient solutions that keep kegs and batch-mixed products in the back of the house while serving multiple products at different temperatures. Convenience and profitability incorporated in a single system.

kegs de cerveza chill rite 32
Sistema para dispensar cerveza Chill Rite 32

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