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Put simply, we bring style and function to the server by building innovative food protectors, beautiful countertops, products that heat and cool your culinary creations, and custom-fabricated stainless steel foodservice equipment.

BSI is known throughout the foodservice industry as the “gold standard” in food shield innovation and design, but there’s more to us than sneeze guards. From exquisite countertops to full-scale manufacturing, our in-house team of engineers, project managers, and production specialists offer a comprehensive, single-source solution unsurpassed by other manufacturers. In addition to front-of-home solutions, our stainless-steel fabrication shop creates back-of-home sinks, floor gutters, prep tables, and a variety of other premium offerings to complete your kitchen project. food service.

BSI created XGuard and this one ushered in a new era of food shield functionality and adjustability standards beyond the basic up and down movement. XGuard’s innovative design adds 6” of back-and-forth adjustability for precise positioning and flexible presentation of your culinary creations.

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