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Kitchen Brains

Founded in 1969 and located in Stratford, Connecticut, Kitchen Brains is the benchmark of design and production of food service equipment controls. Its FAST controllers are widely used across the industry by most kitchen manufacturers and operators.  

Some of their most popular products include:

FAST Controllers: Kitchen Brains’ FAST (Foodservice Appliance Standard Technology) controllers are designed to improve the performance of commercial kitchen appliances, such as ovens, fryers, and grills. 

Modularm: Kitchen Brains’ Modularm system is a versatile and reliable solution for temperature monitoring and control. 

FAST Timers: Kitchen Brains’ FAST Timers are designed to help food service businesses optimize cooking times and reduce waste.

FAST Upgrade Kits: Kitchen Brains’ FAST Upgrade Kits are designed to retrofit older kitchen equipment with advanced technology, improving their performance and efficiency.

Walk-in Freezer Controls: Kitchen Brains’ walk-in freezer controls are designed to maintain optimal temperatures and reduce energy consumption.

kitchen brains sistema de monitoreo kits de mejora de freidoras


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