sistema para dispensar cerveza en bares chill rite 32

Chill Rite 32

Chill Rite 32 is an American manufacturer that specializes in designing beer dispensing solutions. Their patented system uses a combination of glycol cooling and forced air to ensure that every pint is served at the perfect temperature and pressure. All of these allow a 99% keg yield which translates into the fastest ROI. The most popular solutions include:

Multi-Product Delivery System: A delivery system that keeps a variety of products cool such as beer, wine, coffee, and more at different ranges of temperature in a consistent manner.

Beer Dispensing: The signature Chill Rite 32 product, known as “the Millennium System”, specifically designed to remove heat and further chill the beer as it travels to the tap.

Frost Rail: A cooling system recessed and built into the bar top to keep beers and drinks constantly at low temperatures.

Shock-A-Vodka: Combines the frost rail system plus a unique liquor cooling and dispensing system that consistently keeps drinks at a very low temperature.

Chill Rite Towers: Fully customizable beer dispensing towers that ensure the best presentation and quality.

kegs de cerveza chill rite 32
Sistema para dispensar cerveza Chill Rite 32


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