equipo comercial para restaurantes antunes


Antunes is an Illinois, based leading foodservice equipment manufacturer, that was founded in 1955. Among its most important product categories are commercial toasters, steamers, countertop equipment, and automation.

Toasters: Highly recognized vertical toaster VCT-2000, with a toasting range from 10 to 28 seconds which makes it reliable for high volume operations such as fast-food chains.

Steamers: An eight-drawer cooking steamer, the product Infinite Steam, has won several innovations awards. Unique by the capacity of steaming in a high demand environment.

Countertop equipment: A countertop Egg Station that combines steaming and heat to guarantee the best consistency.

Automation: Exemplified in the Automatic Bun Feeder and the Automatic Conveyors, perfect for drive-through applications.

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