Several Latin America cities have become gastronomic destinations, where several restaurants have ranked among “The Top Best Restaurants”. Efficient, easy to operate and high speed & high-volume foodservice equipment have been in demand by a new savvy generation of restaurant operators who look to combine tradition with technology.

Supermarkets, and C-store retailers in Latin America have experienced significant infrastructure upgrades in its accelerated growth. High food volumes are required to be produced quickly, packaged efficiently, and displayed neatly to capture customers attention.

Several years of immigration from the old continent into Latin America have significantly shaped a “local melting baking culture” that can be seen in establishments that produce and sell flour-based food baked in ovens such as bread, cookies, cakes, pastries, and pies. High volume, low operating costs, and small footprint equipment are sought in this segment.

Local manufacturing in the region is as important as imported products to Latin America.  Traditional designs or less technological options make an important percentage of the market. These manufacturers require reliable demand of components and parts to their production requirements. They also seek technological advances through certified and agency approved components that could be sourced from reliable foreign suppliers.

Foodservice operators in Latin America are always looking to improve its kitchen operations and modernizing its facilities by using best quality prep accessories, baking supplies, and kitchen wares that can provide practical an economical solution.

As a common travel destination, Latin America offers a wide range of hotel profiles that range from high profile to business hotels in capital cities and favorite vacation sites. These hotels all are looking for “Best in Class products” that can make their operations top performance by using efficient, reliable, and high-volume foodservice equipment.

In addition, to American based multinational chains, Latin America is a highly sought market by fast-food chains. This is evident by the number of locations that can be found in all main cities. An interesting fact is the local based chains are as fast growing and with stronger identities than foreign chains. Both type of chains seeks highly efficient and reliable equipment that can be certified and ultimately specified as an approved product to their operations.

Ice cream culture is also very prevalent in Latin America. Local indigenous ingredients combined with foreign techniques make a universe of options that can only be found in the region. As a sweeten frozen food, ice cream can be found in ice cream shops, coffee shops, supermarkets, and restaurants. Production, storage, display, and transportation are all important for operators that have turned to efficient and reliable equipment.

Equipping a foodservice operation goes beyond supplying highly reliable and efficient equipment and supplies. Operators are also looking for stainless-steel fabricators vendors that can match the quality of their imported product investment. Latin America has a community of high-quality fabricators that require a reliable source of components, tools, and supplies to their product lines.

As an imported concept, sport bars and pubs have become a fast-growing segment in Latin America particularly in capital cities and vacation destinations. From finger foods to more elaborated dishes, always accompanied by a very cold beer and cocktails are a new growing identity in the region. Products and systems that guarantee cold temperatures and high-volume demand of drinks are combined with a selection of efficient equipment at their kitchens.