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Tecnomac is an Italian company that specializes in the design, and production, of commercial refrigeration equipment. Its product range includes blast chillers, shock freezers, refrigerated counters, and other refrigeration equipment designed for use in professional kitchens, pastry shops, and ice cream shops. 

Some of the most important products:

Event: The Event lineup offers blast chilling, shock freezing, ice cream freezing, and thawing. 

Black Kube: Tecnomac’s best-seller blast chillers line, designed to meet any customers’ expectations. The BK 5 1/1 has become an important product for start-up restaurants.

Chill-Touch Roll-in: The Chill-Touch Roll-in line of blast chillers is designed for use in large kitchens or food production facilities. Models such as CT 30/110 are fully compatible with many cooking equipment in any kitchen, which makes it an essential option.

Easy Chill MT: specifically designed for high-volume productions with several trolleys involved. The MT 8 is the biggest one of all with a yield capacity of over 1500 Kg.


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