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Dynamic Mixers

Dynamic is a French manufacturer founded in 1964, that specializes in food preparation solutions. Their signature inventions are the immersion turbo blender and the salad spinner.

DMX Products: A series of ergonomic handheld immersion turbo blenders, small in size, but unsurpassed in quality.

DynaCube: Professional manual food cutter, provides consistent cuts, excellent quality and exceptional durability.

DYNAMIX NOMAD 190: Powerful handheld immersion turbo blender with the impressive capacity to prepare up to 8 liters of product.

SMX Products: Designed for large volumes of work such as production centers, they produce high volumes of product while maintaining the appropriate consistency.

CL350 Food Processor: A food processor combo slicer with unique features like a touch screen, speed control, pulse, timer and even reverse option.

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