Louis Tellier: A Name, A History, A Know-how

  • 25 May, 2023
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It wouldn’t be precise to tell the foodservice history without including Louis Tellier in it. The French manufacturer is well known among the high cuisine and often related to great names that marked the industry.

When it comes to crafting very detailed equipment, Louis Tellier truly has a deep history and an even deeper know-how. 

From food preparation equipment that literally changed the history of menus, to the right tools to elaborate great desserts. Let’s dive into a quick review of Group Louis Tellier and its innovations.

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Louis Tellier Group history is the result of combining some of the most prominent names in French gastronomy: Gobel, Tellier and Bron Coucke.

All of them have something in common, they changed our way of cooking.

Gobel was founded in 1887 by Etienne Gobel, a copper and tin bakery molds manufacturer. As time went by, he managed to introduce new materials: stainless steel, silicon and even bakery accesories. 

Years later, and in a different path, Louis Tellier himself founded Tellier in 1947. Louis Tellier was a very prodigious inventor who designed the first professional food mill. He was very successful, creating products such as slicers, graters, can openers and more.

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Louis Tellier has literally changed the course of action of cooking history with his inventions and became a pioneer in food processing products.

In 1946, Maurice Bron established Bron Coucke. Bron was an expert with cutlery, and he created the first stainless steel professional mandoline. The product took a liking by the chef community and quickly became a reference worldwide. 

Contemporary, in 2004 the three brands combined under the name Louis Tellier & Cie, with one objective in common: to offer the most complete and diverse range of professional high quality kitchen utensils.

Finally, in 2019 the name was changed to just “Louis Tellier” in honor of their founder and his innovator spirit.

Today's Louis Tellier

The french group it is formed by four very unique brands with specific objectives for the HORECA market: Louis Tellier, Gobel, La Bonne Graine and YooCook

All of the brands are of french origin, besides they have similar products within them (with exception of Gobel which only focus on bakery tools and molds). Each one of them is a perfect fit for the different kinds of market segments they are aiming to.

Louis Tellier

The most prominent out of all the brands due to its preparation products popularity. It is considered a cornerstone in French cuisine and also in the international scenario.

It is focused on commercial solutions for high-end restaurants, hotels, catering, production centers and similar operations. The stainless-steel foundation of their products and the ergonomic design complements all of these high volume operations.

Needless to say, Louis Tellier brand is Louis Tellier history itself.


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Following Etienne Gobel steps, this brand focused on bakery tools and bakery molds for commercial, professional and non-professional use. The products are considered to be EPV which means Living Heritage Company.

It is important to highlight how Gobel has created its products in four different materials to ensure affordability for different operators. These materials are nonstick, obsidian nonstick, tin metal and stainless steel.

La Bonne Graine

Known as traditional revisited, the brand focuses on providing mostly Louis Tellier equivalent products to a more affordable price. Its target audience are food professionals and food enthusiasts that believe in the core values of traditional French cuisine.

It has had great success with stock and eCommerce dealers.


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This is a full retail brand focused on providing products for the enthusiasts and for consumer use. Most prominent distributors are eCommerce dealers.

However, it does provide a full set of cooking tools for the traditional cooking appreciators.

Most Renown Products

There’s over a hundred references to Louis Tellier products made by well known chefs around the world and each one of them has a particular cooking style. Louis Tellier products are ideal for any style you may have in mind.

All of the products can be easily put together into three categories: preparation, bakery tools and molds, and presentation and sharing.

Preparations Products

This is the most famous category out of all the Louis Tellier range of products and it is the one that created a whole revolution in the cooking industry. Here are just a few examples of the Louis Tellier products:

The Foodmill

Louis Tellier’s stainless steel commercial food mill was introduced to the world of cooking by Louis Tellier in 1947. Amidst the reconstruction of Europe this particular product became famous thanks to its utility and versatility.

Nowadays it is highly related to high cuisine. It is known that the well-known chef Joel Robuchon used the Louis Tellier’s food mill for his mash potatoes recipe.

Its variety of sieves make the foodmill the perfect ally for any kitchen.

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mandolina bron coucke

The Mandoline

Since its creation in 1946, Louis Tellier has developed a good range of professional mandolines. However, the quality in details for each and every one of them continues to remain the same

French-fries Cutter

In 1960, Jean Tellier (Louis Tellier’s son) came up with a chip cutter design and exhibited it at the Paris Fair.

At the time, and nowadays, potatoes were harvested in mass quantities and were easy to handle with no special treatment required, and thanks to this product a new way to enjoy them appeared.

The French-Fries Cutter quickly became popular, and its production got to the point of shipping thousands of units around the world.

corta papas francesas original

Tellier’s invention was awarded a prize at the Stockholm International Design Competition, and took part in the worldwide success of the «French-style chip» as well as the business’s worldwide reputation.

Bakery Tools and Molds

Gobel has a considerably wide range of bakery tools and molds, for example: baking trays, bread molds, pizza molds, brioche molds, round plain tart molds, professional multi baking trays, cake frames, watertight yule-log molds, mixing bowls, whisks, spatulas, whipped cream dispensers and so much more in their product offer.

However, Gobel has a very unique characteristic and that’s it the different type of materials for its molds which can target different audiences.


  • Offers an easy-to-use demolding to the users thanks to its two-layer non-stick coating
  • Considered professional quality and also PFOA-free.
  • The heating temperature is up to 250°C

Obsidian Non-stick

  • Two-layer ceramic reinforced coating with 20% more thickness
  • 10 years warranty for a sustained frequency of use without losing its non-stick properties.
  • Complies with REACH standards.


  • Tinplate is a natural, durable and 100% recyclable material
  • Its properties makes it excellent heat conductor which results in homogeneous cooking.
  • It is ideal for caramelization thanks to its fast heat up.


  • Made for heavy volume operations.
  • High quality molds for commercial kitchens 

Presentation and Sharing Products

Louis Tellier has produced products such as the Deco Spoon which focus on high cuisine where presentation is as important as quality of flavors and innovations of recipes.

Bul also, Louis Tellier has sharing products such as raclettes and fondues, braseros and planchettes, skewers and food smokers. 

This wide variety allowed them to get to the catering and buffet segment, but is also seen in hotels and concept restaurants.

Marcel the Commercial Outdoor Wood-fired Oven

marcel louis tellier

During the SIRHA LYON Expo 2023 in France, Louis Tellier introduced to the world their brand-new outdoor wood-fired oven with the name Marcel. An exceptional equipment that revisits the traditional values of wood-fired cooking combined with the versatility of a small enough equipment to take to any place.

The exterior is made out of stainless-steel for a commercial grade operation, and the inside has a special ceramic coating to keep an even heat inside the product.

It can reach up to 500°C in 20 minutes and has an integrated thermometer to check the cooking.

Perfect for pizzas, fish, bread and any recipe that comes to mind.

The wood compartment has a patented valve which can be completely closed, open or regulated in order to reduce or increase the heat inside the oven.

Marcel is a real piece of design and innovation cooking equipment.

Louis Tellier Today

Louis Tellier has been recognized as a Living Heritage Company, it has been around for more than 130 years and its products have become a cornerstone and foundation for today’s cooking equipment crafting know-how.

Today NS InterMarket proudly represents Louis Tellier in the Latin American and the Caribbean region with the objective to expand the brand legacy.

The Latin American and the Caribbean market can benefit from the traditional products Louis Tellier has to offer, but also they can benefit from the variety of the products and the brands within Louis Tellier reaching to more chefs and overall cooking enthusiasts.