Antunes: A Quick Review of the Worldwide Manufacturer

  • 29 March, 2023
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Antunes: A Quick Review of the Worldwide Manufacturer

Founded in 1955 by August J. Antunes, this worldwide known manufacturer has always been characterized by developing and manufacturing products often associated with the fast-food chain segment. 

Antunes is known for their values and treating their whole staff as a family, working to create products to help restaurant operators.

With a wide range of products from toasters, steamers to displayers and even water filtration systems. Antunes has created a whole universe of products to respond to the needs of its clients.

As stated in this post, this is only a quick review of the most important categories and products that Antunes has developed.

Productos antunes para cocinas comerciales

Discovering Antunes

Headquartered in Carol Stream, Illinois, Antunes has made a name for their products in the fast-food chain segment which are globally specified.

From names such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Arby’s and some others, it is clear that Antunes has reached a good spot in the international foodservice industry.

And as they stated: “At Antunes, we don’t just solve problems for our customers. We create the right solutions”

Social Responsibility

Antunes is currently involved with more than 10 different charities and initiatives that goes from: helping starving communities to creating a sustainable and green company.

In their mission for Social Responsibility, Antunes have improved their products making them as efficient as possible in order to avoid any unnecessary wasting.

Glenn Bullock, Antunes CEO and Jane Antunes Bullock, Chief Purpose Officer on giving back to the community and Antunes corporate social responsibility.

The Antunes Toaster Expertise

Antunes is known for its variety of commercial toasters. Each and every one of them have become a great part of the foodservice industry as we know it.

Most important Antunes toasters:

Vertical Contact Toaster: worldwide recognized for its high volume production and standard for a lot of fast-food chains. The VCT-2000, it has digital controls and multi-speed availability.

Gold Standard Toaster: features a unique dual belt-driven design with multiple toasting lanes, allowing operators to choose from single-side or double-side toasting for crowns, heels, clubs and even specialty buns. The GST-5V features up to five toasting lines for high volume operations.

Radiant Toaster: allows operators to serve perfectly toasted muffins and bagels as part of their breakfast menu offering. The RT-2 senses the product and adjusts the cooking time.

Muffin Toaster: easy to prepare hot, fresh toasted English muffins — adding the perfect finishing touch to any breakfast order

Steaming Products

When selecting a commercial food steamer, it’s important to consider size, number of compartments, available features and controls, and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Antunes provides different kinds of food steamers focused on giving the best equipment to the operator for the right need.

Infinite Steam: the award winning steamer with an eight drawer capacity. Provides really resourceful equipment to create different menus. It uses Antunes boiler technology which consists in warming each drawer independently from one another.

Rapid Steamer: uses directed steam to preserve the original texture, color, flavor, and nutritional value of menu items while creating a high quality product.

Steaming Display Cabinet: perfect to showcase cooked products, keeps them warm and ready for customer consumption.

Countertop Grills

Characterized by their small footprint Antunes countertop equipment is perfect to improve any commercial kitchen. Some of Antunes best countertop grills are:

Eggstation: uses heat and steam to cook perfectly moist eggs every time — and thanks to its compact, easy-to-clean design, the Egg Station makes it easy to take advantage of the profitable breakfast daypart.

Tortilla Warmer: ideal for any establishment with focus on very specific menus.

Hot Dog Corral: sears in all the delicious flavor of this menu favorite by basting the hot dogs in their own juices as they move along the heated grill surface.

Commercial Water Treatment Products

A complete line of commercial water treatment products focused on providing sustainable solutions for operators.  

In order to pursue their sustainable and green vision, Antunes developed new auto-cleaning technology for their VZN Ultrafiltration Water Filters. Their most outstanding products are:

VZN Ultrafiltration System: UF water filters that stay consistently clean and provide high-quality water with every use. This self-cleaning technology eliminates the need to continuously replace cartridges, providing the lowest cost of ownership in the market.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis: Antunes commercial reverse osmosis systems deliver high quality water by reducing a wide spectrum of contaminants, keeping your water clean and improving beverage quality.

TAC System: Template-Assisted Crystallization (TAC) System uses unique technology to convert hard, dissolved minerals into harmless, inactive microscopic crystals that are relatively insoluble.

Antunes in The International Market

Recognized as a best-in-class foodservice manufacturer, Antunes is often related with different market segments such as:

  1. Fast-food chains: a great variety of toasters, countertop grills and steamers are approved for some of the most important international fast-food chains brands.
  2. Movie theaters: provides great solutions for small footprint environments with high volume customers. 
  3. Convenience Stores: The Hot-Dog Corral, the Eggstation and even the Warm Drawers are often seen in the C-Stores segment.
  4. National fast-food chains: just as it happens with international fast-food chains, Antunes has the ideal solutions for this kind of operators.
  5. Supermarkets: known as an all-in-one for customers its foodservice solutions and water treatment products fit in this segment.

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