Trends in Foodservice – October 2022

  • 4 October, 2022
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In an increasingly globalized world and with information flying at the speed of a click, it is necessary to keep up with everything that is happening around you.

The HORECA sector is not exempt! Much less the Latin American region!

With national and international fast food chains competing; technology that speeds up processes and decision-making on the part of the equipment manufacturing giants, it is necessary to keep up to date to be ready for everything that lies ahead.

Below, are the latest food service news and trends that include our represented companies and some important large-scale events.

METRO introduces new touch screens and returns Kitchen Makeover

intermetro industries touchscreen

Metro introduces touch screens for the C5 8 and C5 9 series.

Among the functions of the new screens to highlight, is their ability to have pre-established configurations that will save time, and energy, and have adequate temperatures for the food.

In addition, this technology will allow better monitoring of temperature, humidity, and other important factors.

kitchen makeover

Kitchen Makeover is back, the Metro show in which they reorganize workstations.

The show focuses on traveling in the US territory and through Metro’s team of specialists, performing total reorganizations of different workstations.

Something important to take back from this show, in addition to how interesting it can be, are the configurations and applications that it comes with.

Starbucks about to make big changes


The Wall Street Journal did a whole article about the big changes Starbucks, the American coffee shop giant, plans to make to improve its production.

Each Starbucks store can produce 1,500 cups of coffee a day! Iced coffee alone accounts for $1.2 billion in profit, but the process to make it is too complex!

Starbucks hopes to test new equipment to slowly start a whole reorganization process.

Dark Kitchens: The future of delivery in food service?

dark kitchen

Since the advent of applications to order and send food, it is clear that the food service business has changed.

The Dark Kitchens have gained strength, in another blog, we will investigate more about how they work.

The model consists of a preparation center, branding, and special dishes… but only serving through delivery services.

It will be necessary to consider how to approach this new sector that does not need dishes, crockery, tables, etc. But only the media, the branding, and the sales channel.

Dynamic Mixer around the world

dynamic mixer

This year Dynamic Mixer has gained much more strength in terms of its participation and search to reach different regions of the world.

As we well know, Dynamic has been present at strong fairs, shows, and presentations since the beginning of the year and the remainder of the year will be similar.

The rest of the brand’s presentations around the world have already been scheduled on the website .

We invite you to visit us in person, if possible at one of the exhibitions because nothing is as impressive as seeing Dynamic teams live and direct

Antunes and his revolution with water

Since this year’s NRA show, Antunes has been very strongly presenting its specialized water treatment equipment and technology.

On the one hand, it will be interesting to see this shift towards greener and much healthier kitchens, and on the other hand, attention will also have to be paid to these options for the market, on which a lot of research and development has been invested.

Likewise, it is possible to learn much more from experts who are part of Antunes by listening to the Podcasts that they have developed for audiences.

Alto-Shaam: Taking quality and technology around the world

Alto-Shaam has always been known for providing experiences and the opportunity to experience first-hand its equipment and what it can produce.

They have been in the main shows globally and will continue to be according to the schedule that you can review on their website.

However, we must stress how important it is to see Alto-Shaam’s new Converge in action , the new product launched this year that expands the product’s capabilities.

This makes it clear that technology and innovation to increase productivity and maintain quality will continue to be a trend in the world of food service from now on.

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