NRA SHOW 2022: Technology and innovation in Foodservice

  • 26 May, 2022
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National Restaurant Association, better known as NRA, is an organization that represents American restaurants – around 380,000 – and also has an educational function for the food service sector.

Year after year this organization has held the NRA SHOW in which the main manufacturers of supplies, equipment, utensils, and others for the foodservice industry meet.

This exhibition is massive and has an impact throughout the world. Although the event takes place in the US, it has the presence of manufacturers from all over the world: Asia, Europe, Latin America, etc. It could be said that the world of food service sets its eyes on this event.

This year the NRA SHOW took place from May 21 to 24, at McCormick Place, Chicago, USA.

Why is this event so important?

The great brands of the industry present their technological advances, their new solutions for operators, and innovative ideas and demonstrate their best products that make them so recognized.

The event is attended to see the exhibition: fast food chains, distributors from all over the world, future entrepreneurs, prestigious chefs, etc. Truly the creme de la creme of all walks of this industry.

Being such a large event and with so many participants, it is almost impossible to see every one of the stands carefully, so it is preferable to focus on those that are of the utmost importance for your objectives.

Technology took over the show

Technology was the special guest at this show, showing that its application can occur in almost any economic sphere.

Automatización del foodservice


Thanks to the great technological advances, it was a matter of time before we witnessed automation in the Foodservice. From robots that serve ice cream, drinks, or food dishes, to others that look like a food carts that brought samples to diners. It is important to take into account the trend that has been marking the entire world: technological advances, automation, and AI (artificial intelligence). They may not have such a large presence in the Latin American market, but it is still the future that the large manufacturers point to.