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  • 13 May, 2022
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In the Foodservice market, it is normal to see different options in terms of the diversity of products to offer. For some time this has allowed the diversification of trade and has promoted innovation as a requirement to become a benchmark in the local and international markets.

A key aspect that some traders decide to delve into to gain some advantage – in terms of the wide variety of products – is the Chinese export market.

Unquestionably, China’s production capacity and the variety of products are very striking because they imply a range of options when you want to explore new business opportunities.

Basic knowledge when importing from China

As you can see, there are several aspects to consider when importing, regardless of the location where you want to do it, but when it comes to a market like China, it is worth getting a lot of information.

China’s competitiveness can imply large sales when developing commercial activities, so we recommend that you consider this option for your business interests, however, we believe that it is necessary to do it responsibly.

At NS InterMarket we believe in having lasting business relationships and beyond that, we believe in gaining the trust of our clients through support in their business development processes.

A clear example of the Chinese market: Jiwins and Midea
They are experts in the use of plastic and solutions around it. It provides a wide variety of products for different applications that can range from products for bars to instruments for concierges that we see regularly in hotels or shopping centers.

At Jiwins, the wide variety of smallware for food service and the fact that they have NSF certifications in many of their products stand out.

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A company that develops household appliances worldwide with a wide capacity for commercial microwaves, accelerated cooking ovens, and among other solutions. It has the prestige of being listed as a World 500 Company. It is the world’s largest producer of microwaves. Thanks to their production capacity and scope as an organization, they have particular characteristics when they hit the market: competitive prices, assured quality, better delivery times, etc.

The material produced by Midea

We recommend considering these options when establishing new business objectives, to diversify and position yourself in your local market.

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