Established in 1981, Component Hardware is a global market leader of innovative design solutions and industrial components used by the foodservice, healthcare, and construction sector. From small one-offs to large-scale projects, providing the industry’s best casting, forging, stamping, machining, and injection molding for about 38 years.  

Component Hardware three flagship brands are Keil® in refrigeration, Flame Gard® for grease filters and cooking hood accessories, and Encore® for plumbing hardware. Every brand begins with designing the specifications, manufacturing, and ends with delivering a high-quality product.

Through generations of evolving, Component Hardware delights by improving their business with innovative designs, custom assemblies and 5,000+ catalog products representing our broad global manufacturing capabilities. With an infrastructure of more than 20 engineers, quality assurance personnel, and licensed managers.

Brands: Keil®, Flame Gard®, Encore®