Over 120 years of experience in the commercial dishwasher business has earned Champion the reputation of “The Dishwashing Machine Specialist.”  Headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Champion remains devoted to excellence – in products, manufacturing, sales, and service.

Over the last century, Champion has perfected every single application and installation requirement for dishwashers. Whether the need calls for a large capacity flight-type dishwasher or a compact undercounter dishwasher, Champion can engineer a complete dish handling solution to meet all needs. Champion has ENERGY STAR® qualified dish machines in all categories that range from undercounters, door-type, racks, flights, conveyor systems, accumulators, disposal, and tray drying equipment.

Champion utilizes ION, as a non-magnetic compound that controls scale without adding anything to the water. Acts as a catalytic water conditioner that creates a soft calcium carbonate crystal and extends the life of equipment components damaged by scale, allowing optimal performance.

Champion Industries and Bi-line Conveyor Systems work combined to provide a truly integrated approach to warewashing, ware handling and waste reduction solutions.

Brands: Warewashers, Undercounter, Warewashers, Single Tank, Glass Washers, Warewashers, Door Style,Tray Washers,  Warewashers, Conveyor , Warewashers, Flight ,Warewashers, Pot & Pan, Waste Disposal SystemB